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Song in my head:

US White House, Here We Come
Just the place we'll dictate from
Where bowers of birthers
Teabag in the House
We'll make sure - no Health Care
Cause the GOP lies and then they grouse
The rightwing loonies say, "You Lie"
That's why we get the media's eye
Open up your purse so high
US White House, Here We Come

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One of my favorite science magazines (besides Science Daily) has a great article on the benefits of legalizing all drugs. The article's conclusion:

Unfortunately, the idea that banning drugs is the best way to protect vulnerable people - especially children - has acquired a strong emotional grip, one that politicians are happy to exploit. For many decades, laws and public policy have flown in the face of the evidence. Far from protecting us, this approach has made the world a much more dangerous place than it need be. New Scientist Link

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