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Mouse Virus Linked to Chronic Fatigue

For those people who have an unexplained case of chronic fatigue, a huge discovery has been made.
Many people with chronic fatigue syndrome are infected with a virus derived from mice, suggesting the germ may cause the mysterious and exhausting disease.

Chronic fatigue syndrome, which affects a million or more U.S. residents, causes chronic exhaustion, sleep and memory problems and general aches and pains. It is the second disease linked to xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus, or XMLV. Earlier studies have found evidence of infection by the same virus in a subset of cancerous prostate tumors. While finding the germ doesn't mean it causes those diseases, it suggests that possibility - and makes scientists wonder what other ailments might be linked to the newly recognized virus.

Researchers found evidence of XMRV infection in 68 of 101 tissue samples from chronic fatigue patients, or 67 percent of samples tested. In comparison, the germ was found in less than 4 percent of healthy people tested. While doctors had previously suspected some infection might cause chronic fatigue syndrome, this is the strongest link ever seen to a specific germ, said Judy Mikovits, who led the study, published online by Science magazine. Oregonian Link

It'snice to know that there is a biological cause for some cases of chronic fatigue. I am sick of hearing people suggest that it is all in your head. Here is the Science Link to the article.

It's The Law...Disabled and Owning A Companion Pet

Having a dog as my companion has made a huge difference in the quality of my life. Landlords are not supposed to deny disabled people the right to have a companion or service dog, as it should be. Being disabled in this culture is hard enough. Lets support people with physicial or mental challenges by letting them own a pet as long as its well taken care of and the owners pick up their poop.

A St. Helens landlord must let tenants with mental disabilities keep assistance dogs to help them cope with their conditions, according to the terms of a settlement reached Friday in a federal civil rights lawsuit.

The government sued Ronald A. Lucas and R.A. Lucas Developments LLC last year to ensure compliance with the federal Fair Housing Act after Lucas denied tenant Marilyn Dirks' request to own a dog to improve symptoms of her mental disabilities.

Friday's agreement requires Lucas to create and follow a policy that shows he adheres to the Fair Housing Act. The federal law requires landlords to make reasonable accommodations to people not only for physical disabilities, such as blindness, but for mental problems. Oregonian Link

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