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Alter-Abled News

In September 2001 I was given a prescription for Vioxx to treat the pain I had from osteo arthritis in all of my major joints in my body. I was only 40 at the time but I needed some pain therapy for my deformed joints. I took Vioxx until April 2002, when my primary care doctor
advised me to go off of it and take Bextra instead. Now I come to find out that I was put at risk
by my doctor and the drug company Merck who knew there was risky side effects with this medicine.

The significant cardiovascular risks linked to Vioxx could have been identified nearly four years before the anti-inflammatory medication was taken off the market, a new study has concluded, but consumers and physicians didn't have access to such information at the time. LA Times Link
Lying scumbags...I'm better off doing a bong hit than taking Vioxx, Bextra, and Celebrex, all COX2 inhibitors.

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