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The respect I held for Ezra Klein, as a health care analyst, went down several notches when he admits in his column that the reason our health insurance system sucks is because we pay too much for physicians services and drugs. Welcome to the real world Ezra. I hate to lay on the shit but how fucking stupid. It has taken you how long to come to this conclusion? Here are some others who agree Ezra Klein doesn't get it.

At least, that’s the conclusion I draw from this article by Ezra, which shows that we pay American doctors way too fucking much. I knew that already, but as Ezra says, you don’t usually see prices written down during the health-care debate. And now that I have...well, damn. Are American doctors so personable that they’re worth ten times as much as doctors in Spain?

What's fascinating to me is Ezra Klein has been one of the Village wonkers pooh poohing the central point of a public health insurance option - that the government does better negotiating health care prices than private insurance companies (for whatever reason you may want to attribute.) His focus on the exchanges and the "regulations" and his attempts to diminish the public option demonstrate that the one of the main wonkers not getting the whole "government does better at cost containment in health care" thing is - Ezra Klein. The irony of his post is rich.

And speaking of getting this right, Ezra admits:
By that measure, we have not had a very informed debate.
I can't believe after all his analysis and ink wasted he finally has come to this fucking conclusion. Why has it taken you so long to arrive to this point?

And my comment at the Wapo:
When you have filed bankruptcy due to high medical costs and have lived long enough to manage two chronic illnesses only then will you be an expert in health insurance policy.

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