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Medical Marijuana News

Here's a couple stories about Oregon's strong medical marijuana program.

First, despite the disability laws from the ADA and Oregon State's laws employers can still fire an employee who uses cannabis as medicine.

The Oregon Supreme Court has ruled that workers can be fired for using medical marijuana even if they have a card from the state program authorizing its use.

The case involves a worker in Eugene who was fired after telling his boss before taking a drug test that he was using medical marijuana approved by his doctor.

In a 5-2 opinion, the court said state law is trumped by federal law that classifies marijuana as a drug with no proven medical value. Yahoo News Link

Will pot become legal in Oregon soon?

Marijuana advocates are gearing up to legalize the drug for recreational use in Oregon with a new measure poised to go on the November ballot.

According to their website, the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act would "legalize the sale, possession and personal private cultivation of marijuana." It would also set aside two percent of profits from cannabis sales for commissions that promote industrial hemp biodiesel, fiber, protein and oil. KGW Link

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