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Monday's a dog.

Cutest Dog Ever (CDE), Sera, has consumed my entire fatigued life. She must be walked or exercised twice a day, at least. A typical day revolves around dog parks and shopping for entertaining pet toys. A bored Jack Russel Terrier/Whippet/Boxer mix is not a pretty picture. If I neglect her and try to get some blogging in or sit down to draw she emits a sonar like sound that is such a high frequency it has trained me to immediately stand and get her leash. She will awaken instantly, from a deep sleep, as soon as I touch my car keys. She will throw a ball at me when she wants to play giving me no choice. She is a wonderful companion dog who I rescued at 10 monhs. She was found at a farm in Lebanon Oregon with 65 other dogs. All were neglected. It breaks my heart to think she wasn't loved and cared for during her first months of life. The pathetic truth: I can't live without her.

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