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Without a cost of living increase for social security recipients (link) it will be increasingly difficult to afford the higher health insurance premiums that awaits me in 2011. When you are pushing 50 years old and haveg a body that pops, snaps, creaks, groans and whines with the gentlest of movements not having health insurance would be a kamikaze mission this kitty wont be deploying.

My health care premiums will be going up 31%, from $76.40 to $100.00 a month. This is for a Medicare Advantage plan that includes a drug plan, preventive dentist visits, and eye glasses. I will be fairly well covered for most health scenarios but I still think a 31% increase is excessive. I wish Obama would have had more cost control legislation built into the new health care bill.

Many people in Oregon have had their Medicare Advantage plan cancelled. They are stuck with shopping for a new plan which is a pain in the ass.

By the end of next month, thousands of senior citizens in Oregon will lose their Medicare Advantage coverage and will have to pay more out-of-pocket costs.

Many senior citizens depend on medicare coverage to pay for their prescriptions, doctor visits, and general health care bills.

"The costs of doctors and things like that nowadays is pretty expensive. I've seen some of the bills I've gotten, and if I had to pay those total myself, I wouldn't be able to," said John Couch, senior citizen. KEZI Link

Seniors who do not pick a new plan by December 31 will be locked out of Medicare Advantage plans until 2012. Democrats are pushing for a $250 payment for social security recipients to make up for the lack of a cost of living increase. CNN Link

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