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Home Grown Terror in the Northwest

Today the Rude Pundit disturbed me....

Monday was a beautiful morning in Spokane, Washington, for the annual Unity March that occurs on Martin Luther King Day. According to local news station KXLY, there were 3000 people who marched from the INB Performing Arts Center to River Park Square. If you can make it out in that screenshot up there, there's people in wheelchairs and children out to celebrate King's life. In case that's not clear, there's always this: (see pic at link)

These are the people who would have been killed or maimed if a remote-detonation bomb, an IED, if you will, had gone off where it had been planted along the march route, just outside Auntie's Bookstore.
Sounds like a domestic case of terror again but the press is hardly reporting it...which disturbs me. When we had a close bombing call in Portland by a student from Corvallis' OSU it was reported daily for a couple of weeks. This incident had a fully functionable (sp?) bomb able to kill several to many and we hear zilch. Do the press practice caution about alarming the public?.... I doubt it. Do they under report cases of right wing terrorism? Hmmm....

Damn, I'm not going to any mass gatherings. I'm actually a bit frightened. I don't do trauma.

Media Matters notices the lack of coverage:

This should be a major news story -- deserving of signifcant coverage on cable TV and on leading mainstream media news sites:
And the NW Progressive Institute Advocate reminds us of a bomb in Spokane last year.

This is actually the second bomb that has been found in downtown Spokane in the last year. A previous explosive device was found last March outside Spokane's U.S. Federal Courthouse, named for former Speaker Tom Foley. It was also disarmed and removed from the scene before anyone was hurt.
and there was a bank bombing in Salem last year by some anti govt murderers that should be called domestic terrorism: CBS News Link

According to testimony, father and son exulted in the Oklahoma City bombing, and Bruce Turnidge viewed Timothy McVeigh as a hero.

Collectively, this appears to me as a considerable amount of domestic terrorism in the NW and our neighbors are the ones to fear....

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