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Reading Is Phundamental 

Being a book nerd, it wasn't until recently that I discovered an amazing connection between my favorite adult novel and my favorite children's book.  I'm not the type of person to take these associations lightly so I just had to write about it.  Certainly there isn't a deep inner meaning here or a message from Allah, Bob Marley  or the Great Pumpkin.  Maybe its just that I love a good western and a certain style of writing.  But, if you were to ask me today what my favorite book is, Lonesome Dove would be in the top three along with 100 Years of Solitude, and Sophie's Choice.  Maybe I haven't read my favorite book yet, but if I read one better I will surely let you know. Being an avid reader as a child (read awkward bookworm), Daughter of the Tejas was a captivating story of life as an American Indian.  I still have have my hard cover with dust jacket copy     and I was looking up Ophelia Ray on Google to find out more about this "woman" author.  To my surprise I discovered Ophelia is actually Larry McMurtry.  I love life's surprises.

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