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In Season: screwing our seniors [and alter-abled citizens]

Alter-Abled News

Smart homes for the elderly and alter-abled.......

With the oldest of 78 million baby boomers just about to reach their 60s, that spells a huge wave of assistive care needs -- and ballooning costs -- in the next two decades and beyond, he said.

"The real problem for how we're spending health-care dollars is going to occur in 20 years, but many people will need assistive care before then," he said.

And put this research in the "No Shit" file:

Gardens Have The Potential To Improve Health, Research Shows

Adding greenery in the form of a garden to the often sterile, cold environment of hospitals and other healthcare facilities can reduce stress in patients, visitors and staff and even lessen a patient's pain in some instances, says a Texas A&M University authority on health care design.

As do, pets.

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