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Dance Mix in my Head: We're going to California...South Dakota and Texas and New York and ....Howard Dean (scroll south to 3:16 update)

In Season: Atkins diet


Study confirms sleep essential for creativity

Even gradual decreases in the total time for slow wave sleep and deep sleep is correlated to a kind of decrease in memory function, and in turn to a decrease in the ability to recognize hidden structures or the awareness of such things. (link)

Basically, lack of good deep sleep makes ya stupider. I am very well aware of that and deal with its consequences every day. Did you ever steal someone else's grocery cart and wheel it across the supermarket because you forgot the bagels, finding someone else's groceries in your cart!? I have! Forget what you went into the bedroom for? A nap, of course!

Feds Bust Medical Pot Patients In Courtroom (Link)

Oh Please!.... lets elect a new president so this won't happen......It sucks being sick and victimized, too. As we decide who to vote for lets really consider the candidates stand on specific issues as health care. Instead of their sweaters, hair, or prom.

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