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FDA: Tylenol, painkiller misuse can be deadly

The biggest concern: Taking too much of the popular drug acetaminophen can poison the liver.

I quit taking Tylenol 10 years ago. My doctor told me I could take up to 18 a day for bone/joint pain despite having a predisposition for kidney failure from Nail-Patella syndrome. I didn't like that idea as a long term solution and didn't want to risk my kidney health, so I don't touch the stuff.

From Physicians for National Health Program:

More than 43 million Americans may now be uninsured, but no one expects a
national health care system similar to Canada’s to be adopted any time soon.
The obstacles, not least the fierce opposition of the $300 billion insurance industry, make such an enormous change politically untenable.

If universal coverage is to come to the United States, most experts agree, it will be introduced gradually, state by state. And California is positioning itself to be among the first out of the gate with a workable plan.

Hmmm............Can the Governator rise to the challenge?

or does Ted Kennedy have a do-able program? via Suburban Guerilla....

Kennedy to propose universal health care

In a speech to health care advocates today, Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts plans to propose legislation to provide health insurance to all Americans at a federal price tag of $100 billion a year. (link

Quarterly, I receive a Police Hall of Fame newsletter, because the daughter of a fallen police officer needs to know that she is not alone. Once again I am intrigued by reading the In Memorian section, pages that honor the recently fallen. Lets honor a couple.....

Investigator Antonio Sapinoso, Age:34, Greenville, SC
Investigator Sapinoso was shot and killed April 22, 2003 after being taken hostage at his home. His father was also killed. Survived by: Mother, sister.

Coorrections Officer Frederick Hyatt, Age 59, Nashville, TN
Officer Hyatt was beaten and strangled to death November 8, 2003 during an escape attempt by five inmates. Survived by: Wife, son.

In the forums section of the American Police Hall of Fame website, I found this:

Nationally Recognized Federal Police Chief Targeted for Telling the Truth About Our National Parks (link)

And, here's a link to her website

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