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Medical X-rays cause thousands of cancers

Medical X-rays are to blame for many thousands of fatal cancers every year, according to the most comprehensive analysis to date. Medical experts stress that X-rays and CT scans can be very beneficial, but believe the new work shows that they should be used as sparingly as possible.
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Frightening! Just say No to x-rays.

Pain May Interfere With Depression Improvement

Treatment for depression may be stymied in people with moderate to severe body pain, according to a new study.
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Chronic pain can be depressing, no doubt. So can these self help gurus that say your disability is a gift. If it's a gift, I'm returning it. I'm not that materialistic, anyway. Heh.

DB asks..........How Dangerous is Cannabis?

Long time readers know that I favor legalizing drugs, especially marijuana. As penalties for marijuana decrease in GB, they are having a heated debate about the wisdom of that policy. Is cannabis a risk to health?

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