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Despite New Law, the Fight Over Medicare Continues

The fight over Medicare is picking up exactly where it left off four weeks ago, when President Bush signed a bill offering prescription drug benefits to the elderly.

Democrats, denouncing the arm-twisting tactics used to pass the bill in the House, vowed Monday to rewrite the law to reduce the role of private health plans, to increase drug benefits and to authorize the government to negotiate drug prices.

I'm thinking the Dems need a unifying issue like this during an election year. If they don't start coordinating their strategy and try and keep Lieberman's whiny voice to shut up maybe they can form a cohesive bond that the voting public can relate to. Until then, pessimism prevails.

In Oregon: Christening device disrupts airport service

The Associated Press
January 6, 2004

PORTLAND — A metal device used to christen babies prompted authorities to shut down three concourses at Portland International Airport, causing flight delays.

The cylindrical object looked similar to a pipe bomb when viewed under an X-ray screening machine, officials said Monday
. (link)

A christening device? WTF?

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