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Alter-Abled News

Measure 30 cuts listed

[Oregon] school year could shrink and thousands of people could lose their state-subsidized health insurance if voters defeat an $800 million revenue package in next month's special election, according to a roster of cuts released by state agencies this week.

The list of cutbacks, although preliminary, offers a look at the tradeoffs facing voters as they start receiving their ballots for the Feb. 3 special election.

.....If Measure 30 loses, the Department of Education estimates schools would need to either increase every class size statewide by roughly two students or reduce the 2004-05 school year by about a month.

The second-biggest reduction — roughly $95 million — would hit the Oregon Health Plan for the needy and leave tens of thousands of people with no medical insurance and others with reduced levels of care.

Elsewhere in our country......

Sick State Budgets, Sick Kids

While headlines continue to tell us how great the economy is doing, states across the U.S. are pulling the plug on desperately needed health coverage for low-income Americans, including about a half-million children.

My oh my, so lets go to Mars and destroy that planet next.

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