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In Season: reading my almanac*(link fixed 2:40pst 1/9), poverty

*My son's high school required students in 1999 to purchase a World Almanac as part of their curriculum. So, when I read that the FBI finds almanacs part of a terrorist's repertoire, I took a look at the copy on my bookshelf. I was curious about some of the detailed information terrorists or sophomores in high school might find in an almanac. After perusing the 1999 World Almanac I found:

1. National defense information including:
a) principal US military training centers
b) defense contracts
c) active duty personnel

2. Major US dams, bridges,tunnels, and resevoirs, National parks, monuments and memorials, tall buildings, ports

3. National exchange rates, leading corporations, US holdings of foreign stock

4. Headquarters of religious groups, important Islamic dates and the Ten Commandments

5. travel websites, custom exemptions, passport requirements

My point being that an almanac has a ton of facts that any teenager would find useful for their education. However, detailed plans or maps are not found here. The information in an almanac is fairly general. I would think security breaches regarding covert spies to be more disturbing than this lame intelligence attempt at targeting a book that was part of my son's high school education.

Alter-Abled News

Should Rush Get a Taste of His Own Medicine? You Decide

Don't Rush to Judgement, one day you might be in chronic pain

Rush Limbaugh has been all over the news since police discovered that he illegally purchased thousands of prescription painkillers. Should Rush Limbaugh be left alone, or put behind bars? Here's an opportunity to be a part of the first ever national referendum on Rush Limbaugh's fate. We will take the results of our poll straight to Rush, as well as reporters nationwide. Get your friends to vote by sending them a link to "Rush to Judgment," our new Flash animation illustrating the dilemma: should anyone be jailed for what they put into their own bodies?

(Note: their server is down when I tried to vote at 9:47 PST. Sorry)

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