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Wyden aims to overhaul Medicare overhaul

Sen. Ron Wyden, whose vote was crucial to November's overhaul of Medicare, on Thursday proposed changes to the new system, attempting to make prescription drugs more affordable for the elderly and disabled
alter-abled. |link|

It's always about the drugs. As a patient I sure could use some physical therapy, massages, affordable knee braces and foot supports, and some dental coverage, besides the drugs. It seems that all the dos know how to do is prescribe a pill for every ailment. I would gladly trade my prescription pain medications for an hour long massage. Heck, I would even try acupuncture if it was affordable. Most of my health care presently is done by finding the right dosage of a med to control the symptoms. Yet, it isn't enough. To heal, I need comprehensive health care that involves a physical therapist, a doctor, and a neurologist. But the system doesn't work that way. I would say that my health care is at the bare bones level and I'm not thriving yet.

I have been trying a few things on my own. For the last 2 months I have been taking MSM for pain. I could be taking expensive COX2 inhibitors, but I thought I would try this MSM powder. So far I would say I am feeling less pain than previous winters.

I am also hooked on this spirulina green powder crap. It's hard to swallow at first, but I have read many positive things about fibromyalgia patients finding relief with spirulina, or chlorella powder daily.

I also take a seniors blend of multi-vitamin (can never start too early, even though I'm only 42), a B-complex, vitamin C, calcium, black cohosh, and evening primrose oil.

Many will lose health benefits

Officials will have to cut millions of dollars from the 10-year-old Oregon Health Plan following
voters' rejection of Measure 30

Well, that trashes the best health plan in the country.

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