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Traumas of My Childhood, part 3

Way back, in the early 60's, my Dad and I were driving together somewhere on Long Island, NY. I wa too little to remember details of the location however, we passed a knife fight in progress, and as my dad was a Suffolk County cop he had to intervene. I was ordered to stay in the car, and dad left quickly. I watched amazed and horrified at the victim's slashed, bloody face. It felt like I wasn't supposed to see this at such a young age, yet I was drawn to the scene, innocently. Human rage expressed in a brutal way that a childs eyes can't understand. The next thing I remember is being driven home by a colleague of my dads, feeling a bit safer, being away from a bloody knife fight.

So, when I saw some of these advertisements for Mel Gibson's new movie The Passion of Christ, these memories of this knife fight appear. The violence I witnessed many years ago cept back up and I thought, "I dont want to see this movie."

This morbid fascination with reliving Jesus' death in graphic cinematic form is beyond what I can tolerate to watch, emotionally. Besides, the idea of another person pushing their view of what happened during the crucificion seems obscene to me. However, more obscene is what Hollywood did to what is sacred and cheapen it into a money maker.

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