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I have forgotten, until today, to post about National Uninsured Week May 10-16.........Since I am in that uninsured zone myself it's an important issue to me and Lying Media Bastards

Then, at the very least, a nationalized health care system, and the decapitation of all former health insurance CEOs. And we should probably put those heads on pikes. And those pikes should be put outside the New York Stock Exchange.

and The Bloviator:

While the President and his Administration spend all of their time trying to spin their way out of revealed horror after revealed horror related to the Iraqi invasion, they have done nothing to help the more than 20 million working people in the United States who continue to live without health insurance, and the more than 40 million men, women and children who lack the security which health insurance can provide.

It will be two years come July, 2004 when my application for permanent disability was accepted. Hence, my journey into using Medicare coverage with added prescription coverage will begin. Thank goodness there is a government website that will guide me through the bureaucracy! But I have been doing my own research.......

*Drug discount cards offer savings, confusion |Link|

* Web Site Shows Variation in Drug Prices

*Mistakes Reported in Drug-Cost Comparisons |Link|

*Drug card needs health warning |Link|


If anyone has a chance to end up in an emergency room it would be myself, an alter-abled, one-eyed, trick kneed, fatigued, uninsured American. Thank Jah it hasn't happened yet.

Uninsured pour into Oregon hospitals

The trend will likely push up employers' and insured patients' costs, and more state health plan cuts may worsen the problem

After a year of Oregon Health Plan cutbacks and a sluggish economy, the number of uninsured Oregonians treated in hospitals is soaring, the hospital association reported Thursday.

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