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*MAY 19 ~Stick it up Their Butt Behind Day

It has been calculated that if everyone in the United States did not purchase a drop of gasoline for one day and all at the same time the oil companies would choke on their stockpiles. At the same time it would hit the entire industry with a net loss of over 4.6 billion dollars which affects the bottom lines of the oil companies.

Therefore, May 19 has been formally declared "Stick it Up Their Behind" Day and the people of this nation should not buy a single drop of gasoline that day.

I'll play. I'm broke anyway.

Speaking of busted....ex Oregon Governor Neil Goldschmidt has disgraced himself.

Slice it any way you want, though, it still comes out to hush money and statutory rape. |Link|

Willamette Week, who broke this story, calls it rape too.....

In Oregon, if an adult has sex with someone under the age of 16, it is considered rape. (According to law-enforcement officials, however, the statute of limitations for prosecution has long since passed.) |Link|

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