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In the last few months I have read criticism of John Kerry's health care plan, or lack of a plan. I don't know how I missed this because I read a lot of daily news and blogs but John Kerry recently gave a speech to a school of registered nurses in training. By reading the transcript I felt that Kerry understands how unaffordable health care can be if you have no insurance. As I am in my last month of being uninsured before Medicare starts for me his speech gave me a glimmer of hope......heres a taste......

Well I’m here to tell you we can do something about that. Our health care system is badly broken. And I have a health care plan that covers nearly 95% of all Americans. But today, I want to focus on the part of my plan that deals with the most serious part of the health care crisis – costs. It’s a plan that will cut soaring premiums, cut the waste, cut the greed, and cut Americans a break. And it’s a plan that finally makes our health care affordable, our businesses more competitive, and America stronger.

Today, regular check-ups are emptying family checkbooks. Waiting for a doctor’s bill is causing as much anxiety as waiting for a diagnosis. And cutting through endless red tape and paperwork is wasting millions that could be spent on better care.

Here in the Erie area, you’re seeing plants close down that provided good jobs and quality health care to their employees for years. A lot of these jobs have moved overseas, where the cost of health care isn’t nearly as high. And for the companies that stay, the price of health care is rising too fast for folks to afford.

Read the whole speech, here.

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