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Attorney General John Ashscroft has been trying to mfuck with Oregon's most progressive laws...medical marijuana and assisted suicide. An important federal appeals court ruling last week may help protect doctors who prescribe either medical marijuana or life-terminating drugs to terminlly ill patients...

Assisted-suicide ruling may affect medical-marijuana use

The decision by a federal appeals court on Oregon’s assisted-suicide law last week could have implications for other medical-practice issues, particularly medicinal use of marijuana.

In 2002, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the federal government and for doctors in California, who were threatened with punishment and potential loss of their licenses to prescribe medication if they recommended medical marijuana to their patients.

The court ruled that doctors had a right under the First Amendment to the Constitution to discuss the issue with patients.

Oregon and California are among the 10 states — mostly in the West — with medical-marijuana laws. Vermont’s Legislature cleared its bill last week, and the governor will let it become law without his signature

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