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Song in my head: Fire! Fire on the mountain.....Grateful Dead

24 years ago last week, I had newly located myself to Corvallis, Oregon after escaping the island fever of growing up on Long Island, New York. My first week was truly memorable as Mount Saint Helens blew. Now as I live 20 miles from a dormant volcano I think of the synchronicity of events that create a modern day myth.......

The evening of May 18, 1980 in Corvallis Oregon was one of choices for me. My older hippie brother was driving up to Portland to go see BB King, and I was tempted to take the hour and half drive north to see this legend. The Grateful Dead were playing in Portland also that night and as a 19 year old music appreciater I had opportunity to get a ride to that show, too. I ended up being a homebody and not going to either, but I received a few first hand accounts from my bro and friends who were at either show.

But what I can only imagine is a bunch of deadheads coming out of a Dead concert and the sky raining dusty ash. And when I ask my friends at the Dead show.....they giggle and say they danced to Fire on the Mountain that night.


Texas Puts Mentally Ill Killer to Death

A mentally ill killer was executed Tuesday evening after Gov. Rick Perry rejected a parole board's highly unusual recommendation to commute his death sentence or delay the execution.

Kelsey Patterson, 50, also lost an appeal to the Supreme Court in the hour before he was put to death.

A diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, Patterson was condemned for a double slaying almost 12 years ago. His lethal injection renewed the legal quandary of whether it is proper to execute someone who is mentally ill when the Supreme Court says it is unconstitutional to execute someone who is mentally retarded

Aren't most killers mentally ill?

Disabled Alter-abled hunting permits focus of ire

In some areas of the state, the ballooning number of permit holders — more than 14,500 were issued statewide during the 2003 hunting seasons — is making it nearly impossible for state wildlife biologists to manage big game. |Link|

Hunters with vision problems .....? Isnt that inheritantly unsafe?

I'm feeling so special lately....skippy the brush kangaroo has linked to me twice in the last few weeks. (here and here). The first time he got my blog name right, the second time he called me Annie's Annuals. Considering all the alternatives no biggie... skippy the brush kangaroo!!

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