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Why I haven't enrolled in a Medicare drug card...

DeFazio criticizes Medicare drug card program

U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio sharply criticized a new Medicare program that provides prescription drug cards to seniors, during a forum earlier this week.A study from the Committee on Government Reform minority staff, authored at DeFazio's request, compared prices for the 10 most commonly prescribed drugs. They ranged from Aricept, used to treat Alzheimer's, to Zocor, a cholesterol inhibitor.
According to the study, prices available to seniors via their Medicare drug cards were higher — sometimes double the cost — than prices available through Canada. In some cases, drugs were available at less cost through Internet pharmacies such as

Why I don't eat Beef...

New info on mad cow in humans: Report finds more people may have it than thought, but that some may get only a mild form of disease

Scientists have found evidence suggesting the human form of mad cow disease might be infecting a wider group of people than previously believed and that some may develop a milder form of the illness.Little is known about Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, first identified in 1996. Until now, the variant form of fatal brain-wasting disease was found only in people with a certain genetic profile and who were believed to have been infected by tainted meat. Other forms of Creutzfeld- Jakob are believed to occur sporadically or are inherited and not linked to diet.LINK

So, they don't know the incubation period and contrary to previous thought, the infection can harbor in the spleen and doesn't necessarily attack the brain and spine all the time. Big news.......

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