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Medicare melancholy

5:53 a.m. on a Saturday, Nov. 22, 2003, after nearly three unprecedented hours of voting and enough arm-twisting to spawn investigations by the FBI and the House Ethics Committee, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 by a vote of 220-215. On Dec. 8, the day President Bush signed the bill into law, the White House issued a press release claiming the law would "allow for the biggest improvements in senior health care in nearly 40 years."

Besides costing 40% more than originally stated, and corrupt, it's a dream.

Cannabis May Offer Novel Approach For Brain Tumors, Journal Says

Compounds in marijuana inhibit malignant brain tumor growth in animals, and may provide a potential therapy for human glioma patients, according to a clinical review appearing in the September issue of Neuropharmacology
. Link

Great news for me. I lost my Mom and great grandpa to a brain tumor..........

Study: Long painkiller use may harm kidneys

One in 10 women show 30 percent decline in kidney function

Long-term, habitual use of the painkiller acetaminophen may cause a decline in kidney function in some people, a study of middle-aged women said on Monday.
Overall, one in 10 of the 1,700 women studied over 11 years experienced a 30 percent decline in their kidney's filtration function.
Acetaminophen, which is sold under the brand name Tylenol by a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson and also marketed generically, was alone among commonly used painkillers to show an association with kidney impairment. Link

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