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Song in my head: Al Gore lives on my street, right down the street from me......Monkey Bowl


Fuck the font, there's people dying out there. ............

"There is a lot to pay attention to right now. The third anniversary of 9/11 is upon us. The election is less than two months away. We have passed 1000 dead Americans in Iraq. The third hurricane of the season is bearing down on Florida. All of those issues are important but I do not wish to discuss any of them right now. Instead, I would like to call your attention to the sad story of one James Monroe Mims."

These are shocking, sad stories that should not be happening. There is so much deplorable human behaviorin the news today I wonder what purpose the homo-sapien has on this planet. Between young adults (the age of my 2 boys) killed or hurt in a senseless war, memories of 9-11, Russian children slaughtered, and a morally depraved government, the violence is over whelming.

Medical pot measure sparks opposition

A measure on the Nov. 2 ballot to expand the medical use of marijuana is drawing fire from the White House drug czar, who says it would turn Oregon into a "safe haven for drug trafficking."
Measure 33 would make it easier for ailing people to obtain marijuana and allow them to possess more of it.

But White House drug czar John Walters, echoing the criticism of Oregon's district attorneys, calls Measure 33 a "fraud" on Oregon voters and a back door attempt to legalize marijuana.

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