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As an American; I am truly embarrassed......

....This is nothing short of a national disgrace.1 in 5 Americans have some form of disability -- that's some 52.6 million people (Source: US Census)Their sporting achievements at the very highest level are being utterly ignored.If you feel as passionately as I do about this gross and unforgivable act of ignorance by US broadcasters I urge you in the strongest terms to spread the word as widely as possible to friends and colleagues.I also urge you to take action. Why not start by sharing your thoughts with America's Olympic station. NBC's Vice President of Sports Communications is Kevin Sullivan. He can be contacted on (212)664 2014 or at (via BoingBoing)


Man held in attempt to circumcise son

Edwin Baxter is being held on first-degree assault after trying to carry out passages from the Bible, police say (via Odd Blog)

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