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Analyze This

A bizarre pattern of impossible anomalies. This has long been known : the welter of financial ties of Diebold and ES&S to the radical religious right(with stakeholders currently, it seems, on the secretive CNP) and Bob Fitrakis notes : "Wherever Diebold and ES&S go, irregularities and historic Republican upsets follow." Howard Ahmanson was the original funder for Bob and Todd Urosevich's Data Mark,which became ES&S, Bob later left to head Diebold,maker of HAVA Act mandated touch screen voting machines used in Ohio and Florida and elsewhere.... LINK

Why is everyone rolling on their back ready to accept these election results. We were warned that the counting of votes would take days. Why should we believe the media? As I was watching the election on NBC, the only station I could get with decent reception, it was stated that young voters were not particpating in this election at all. I can recall a quote of 19% of the 18 to 25 year olds voting, the same amount as in the 2000 election.

Big Voter Turnout Seen Among Young People

Under-30 voters came through in big numbers this year, with more than 20 million casting a ballot for president, researchers found. The turnout bested their 2000 showing by more than nine percentage points and heartened activists who worked to get young voters to the polls. LINK

So, the intellectual blathering on election eve regarding the youth vote prompted me to write my last post, which turns out be based on a false premise. Thanks, media.

Nevertheless, we were beat by the religious extemists. The vast redness of my nation disturbs me. I have been stuck in my vortex of liberal green culture here in Oregon and previously in New York. It was a reality check for me to see Bush win. Here we have: a war based on lies, a poor economy, rising health care costs, disgraceful prison abuse, detaining people without the right to see a lawyer, eroding environmental laws, a huge national defecit, all run by a failed businessman who had the Taliban visit his homestate while he was governor. The idiotness of this all appalls me. Bush's win was not based on science anymore than his policies are. We do not know the final tally of the vote. Period. We deserve to know the truth of the end result before the media takes wild guesses with probabilities based on statistics with the human being being a wobbly variable.

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If most of this country is Jesusland....take me to Cascadia

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