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Song in my head: They call me the squanderer... yeah the squanderer.....I’ll take us down and down and down and down and down....................Scott Harris

My pride is overflowing this afternoon. Both of my sons, aged 20 and 22, participated in the voting process. My older son wears an anarchist's hat at times being wary of the government. So, I wasn't sure he would participate. I just received word from their dad that he voted Kerry. My younger son will not tell me who he is voting for. I have my suspicions that it is Bush as he hangs with a more conservative crowd. Regardless of the direction they choose, I respect their privacy and opinions. I choose not to get grumpy with my younger son because he voted, shit, he particpated, he took the time to care, and got involved. All these years i guided my children to be free thinkers. From Montessori school to engaging them in the Unitarian culture I see two independent thinkers I have raised. I will take my blessings where they come and right now I am fully blessed.

Check out, Vote Watch 2004, chronicling voter fraud, intimidation, irregularities, etc......

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