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Happiness is two kinds of ice cream.........................

How happy, satisfied and hopeful are you?............

Happiness is in, say trend-spotters and psychologists. Real happiness - the kind of happiness that doesn't depend on luck or mere happenings. With apologies to the late Charles Schulz, happiness is not a warm puppy.

Much of the happiness talk is scientific, coming chiefly from the field of psychology, which for decades uttered few words on the topic. Psychology journal articles over the years mentioned depression or anxiety more than 150,000 times, noted psychologist David G. Myers in a new book. Happiness and "life satisfaction?" About 12,000.


Select the appropriate number for each statement: 7 for strongly agree, 6 for agree, 5 for slightly agree, 4 for neither agree nor disagree, 3 for slightly disagree, 2 for disagree and 1 for strongly disagree.

------ In most ways my life is close to my ideal.
------ The conditions of my life are excellent.
------ I am satisfied with my life.
------ So far I have gotten the important things I want in life.
------ If I could live my life over, I would change almost nothing.

Add the numbers: 35 to 31 is extremely satisfied, 26 to 30 is satisfied, 21 to 25 is slightly satisfied, 20 is neutral, 15 to 19 is slightly dissatisfied, 10 to 14 is dissatisfied and 5 to 9 is extremely dissatisfied.

My score was a 24.

Another Day, Another Scam

If you want to know how Social Security provides for a family after a death of a parent, you could've asked my Mom. However, she is gone... so all I can relay is my experience growing up receiving social security checks since I was 10. After the tragic death of my father, a cop, my mother was the sole provider for 5 children. I have no idea how much Mom's monthly checks were; I was in my own teen world. But, my Mom owned a house and we were always warm and fed. All my siblings (myself included) are college educated form the generosity of a policeman benevolent's association on Long Island, NY.

I don't have the skill, desire or energy to do a detailed run down on the future of Social Security. All I know is living fairly comfortably on it as a child and now as an alter-abled adult....Thank the Great Spirit that we have some fundamental security in our country. I get my checks punctually, I can survive on my monthly disability checks and all I had to do was pay my taxes and work. Why are we fixing it if it aint broke??

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