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I have yet to hear about the future of social security as it applies to the alter-abled who receive Social Security disability benefits..... What if you become alter-abled on the job and haven't had time to build up a personal savings account?

President's Social Security overhaul plan unclear on impact to disabled

Social Security disability benefits may not be safe from the across-the-board cuts that are likely in President Bush's proposal to allow personal investment accounts. Retirement and disability benefits are calculated using the same formula, so if future promised retirement benefits are cut, then disability benefits also would be reduced — unless the program is somehow separated.

That also raises big questions about how investment accounts would be structured for disabled people, especially if they get injured at a young age or are dependent on a parent. Disabled beneficiaries typically work less and need benefits sooner, so the accounts would not provide enough income to these people.

"The Social Security programs are insurance programs, not investment programs, designed to reduce risk from certain life events,'' said Marty Ford of the Consortium for Citizens With Disabilities. -LINK-

Heart Attack vs Osteo-Arthritis.........

Stick to the ganja Grannie, it's safer........

More Evidence Shows Heart Risks of Arthritis Painkillers

Two studies released yesterday have turned up new evidence that all of the popular arthritis painkillers known as COX-2 inhibitors may put users at greater risk of heart attacks and strokes.
The first of the two papers published online by the journal Circulation found that patients who had had heart bypass surgery and were taking Pfizer Inc.'s Bextra and another experimental COX-2 inhibitor were three times more likely to have strokes and heart attacks than patients taking a placebo. The statistically significant tripling of the risk showed up when researchers combined the results of two earlier studies involving more than 2,000 people in a statistical technique called meta-analysis.

I have many tools to beat pain besides using pharmaceuticals. For example, ice packs, hot tubs, acupuncture, massage, yoga, tiger balm, medical marijuana, orthotics, shiatsu, meditation, ...etc.

Unlike one in six Oregonians I do have health insurance again. I have a Medicare premium of (roughly) $70(it was $66.60 last year) that the state of Oregon covers. Since Medicare only pays 80%, generally, I have supplemental medicare coverage that costs me $70 a month. I have $15 co-pays and no prescription drug coverage. My total expense to keep myself covered is $140 a month. My prescriptions run me about $100 a month. In the last 3 months my bills for lab chem work, mammagram, and bone density exams are roughly $600, which insurance will cover. I also had a glaucoma check, visual field exam and another expensive HRT reading. I have yet to see the bills for this or I would share. I need bifocals at a cost of $109.50. My insurance covers only $120.

But at least I have something.....

1 in 6 Oregonians lack health coverage

The ranks of uninsured, the most since 1992, exceed the national rate, and reflect a smaller Oregon Health Plan, the economy and rising costs for all.

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