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I can feel a storm coming. My left knee is swollen and has sharp pains. My pelvis and lower back have a dull ache. I'm a freaking walking barometer. All this pain is wearing on my attention span and severly hampers my ability to sit in even the comfiest computer chair for more than 20 minutes. Maybe the half tab of hydrocodenone I took will kick in soon, maybe another bowl. One thing that really helps is a hot bath. I'm so grateful I live in a house with a bath tub. Hot, hot bath water, with epsom salts, is a life saver for my painful dislocated joints and pinched nerves and muscle ache from fibromyalgia. Nonetheless, I am a wee bit depressed, exhausted, and anxious.

And, like Susan, I have no extra cash for co-payments to see my primary care doctor. Some of my pain is resulting from my dislocating jaw joint that is aggravating the muscle on the back right side of my head. I need to get a special mouth guard made, but my dentist doesn't provide those services. Hence, the need to see my primary care doctor. I also need to budget for a good knee brace soon, too. Anyway, this article on chronic pain treatments caught my eye, but not once does it recomend medical cannabis. It does say how infrequently pain is addressed properly and may have some serious psychological effects, all of which have plagued me from time to time.
Update: I have a diagnosis, it's B.S.S.

As many as 40 million people may share Vargas' plight. A new USA TODAY/ABC News/Stanford University Medical Center poll indicates that 19% of American adults — almost 1 in 5 — say they suffer from chronic pain; 44% have acute, or short-term, pain. Half of the 1,204 respondents cite the source of their discomfort as a medical injury or condition such as joint pain, heart disease or cancer. (The poll's margin of error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.)
"The problem is absolutely enormous," says Russell Portenoy, chairman of pain medicine at New York's Beth Israel Medical Center. "It rivals every serious public-health issue, whether you're talking about heart disease, cancer, obesity or anything else."

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