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Song in my head:

Legalize it - don't criticize it
Legalize it and i will advertise it

Some call it tampee
Some call it the weed
Some call it Marijuana
Some of them call it Ganja

Legalize it - don't criticize it
Legalize it and i will advertise it

Peter Tosh

Check out this (unscientific) poll regarding legalizing marijuana on CNN right now (Wed, 2:45 pm PDT) on the front page.

Are you in favor of legalizing marijuana?
Yes 65% 75416
No 35% 40628

Even some of our legislators want to legalize approximately a quarter pound or less.

The U.S. should stop arresting responsible marijuana users, Rep. Barney Frank said Wednesday, announcing a proposal to end federal penalties for Americans carrying fewer than 100 grams, almost a quarter-pound, of the substance. CNN Link

Oregon has a new ballot initiative called the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA). Here is the verbage from the website LINK

Ballot Title: Permits State-Licensed Cultivation of Marijuana, Sale of Marijuana to Adults Through State Liquor Stores

Results Of "Yes" Vote: "Yes" vote permits state-licensed cultivation of marijuana and sale to adults through state liquor stores; ninety percent of net proceeds to state general fund.

Results Of "No" Vote: "No" vote retains all existing prohibitions against the cultivation, manufacture, possession, and delivery of marijuana; retains current statues that permit regulated use of marijuana.

Summary: Current law prohibits cultivation, manufacture, possession, and delivery of marijuana, but permits regulated medical use of marijuana. Proposed measure replaces state, local marijuana laws exept driving under the influence laws. Directs renamed Oregon Cannabis and Liquor Control Commission to license marijuana cultivation by qualified persons and to purchase entire crop. Commission sells marijuana at cost to pharmacies and medical research facilities for medical purposes, and to qualified adults for profit through state liquor stores.
Personally, I don't like the government controlling my choices, but it is also unrealistic that this country will completely legalize a plant w/out the nannies making sure they keep the role of Big Mother alive and well, if ya know what I mean and I think you do.

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