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I received a letter from my supplemental medicare provider, Samaritan Advantage Health Plans. Apparently there is an issue with my billing statements for my premiums in 2008. I have been paying $47.90 a month since January 2, 2008. Apparently they calculated my premiums incorrectly. I now have to pay $55.70 a month and pay off the balance retroactively.

Heck of a job there Samaitan Health Plans. There's nothing like getting an unexpected bill right before the holiday season.

I think I will call my state health insurance board to see if this is legal....It is not a huge amount of money but's the principal of the thing. Furthermore...I live on a strict budget. I am a fiscal conservative and I resent the error AND THINK THEY SHOULD PICK UP THE SLACK FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. Damn corporations...Blegh

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