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Why I Have A Dog.

Interesting article in the New York Times today on the health benefits of pets.....

“The human-animal bond bypasses the intellect and goes straight to the heart and emotions and nurtures us in ways that nothing else can,” said Karin Winegar, whose book “Saved: Rescued Animals and the Lives They Transform” (Da Capo, 2008) chronicles human-animal interactions. “We’ve seen this from coast to coast, whether it’s disabled children at a riding center in California or a nursing home in Minnesota, where a woman with Alzheimer’s could not recognize her husband but she could recognize their beloved dog.” NYT Link
Having a dog has alleviated my depression immensely. How? I don't know or can't find words to explain it. It just makes a difference. By the way, I am also working on making a park in Corvallis an official off leash dog area (Porter Park). The interaction between dog lovers and pets has given me a strong connection with others in my community that wasn't there before.

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Save The Humans..Health Care For All

Kindness To Animals Makes The World A Better Place To Live

Don't Blame Me I Voted For Hillary

People Laugh At Me Because I'm Different, I Laugh At You Because You Are All The Same

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