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Mondays a dog.

Saturday was pool day at the Corvallis Aquatic Center. There were a lot of dogs playing in the pool before their yearly cleaning of the pool. Sera was a bit overwhelmed by so many dos but it was still a blast.

The World is a Very Stupid Place....

as if you didn't know. US Bank, where i am a regular customer, would not give me a roll of quarters thru the drive thru window today. I have been getting a roll of quarters there for years so I can do my laundry. Today a new teller told me she shouldn't be doing this because the roll of quarters was too heavy for her window thingamajiggy. Now, I did not ask her to send me a roll of quarters thru a pneumatic tube but thru the glass window. Now, all of a sudden they can't do it anymore? God, what a bitch.

So, I get home and call the bank manager and complain about the crappy customer srvice I got as a disabled person. He apologized and said that was incorrect I should be able to get a roll of qurters thru the drive thru window drawer. He said he would talk to his teller staf and correct the problem. Sheeesh.

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