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There has been a lot written lately about the cost of health insurance premiums being raised this year. As a Medicare Advantage member, my plan went up from $51.90 to $76.40 a month this year. This increase has created more of an economic hardship for me. Remember, social security disability recipients didn't get a cost of living raise this year and probably won't get one next year. I am not sure what the additional $25 is getting me. As far as other medical costs my copays to see specialists went up from $15 to $2o while me primary care physician copays remain at $10 a visit. I am thankful for the medicare Part D plan where my copays for generics are $2.50 and $6.30 for non generics. I am pleased that I only have to pay $10 to visit my doctor as that's where a lot of preventive care is done. The reason my drug costs are so low is that I am on the low income subsidy. Right now I am trying a drug for narcolepsy, called Provigil. The price at the pharmacy is $545 for a 30 day supply. So, my two most expensive meds are my migraine meds (sumatriptan sucinate) and the Provigil. That is roughly $730 a month for just two much needed medications. I am one of the fortunate ones though, There are many more people dying from lack of health care than is morally justifiable. We have not addressed this crisis adequately. Reading the following figures makes my heart ache for humanity as these are life/death issues of extreme importance. Reading this article literally makes my eyes tear up.

As members of the Obama administration and Congress met on Thursday to try to find common ground on health care, a new report warned that without comprehensive legislation, more than 275,000 adults nationwide will die over the next decade because of a lack of health insurance. Nearly 14,000 of those deaths would occur in New York State. NYT Link
The article goes on to say that 68 people die every day for lack of health care. I want to stay rationale about this but our legislature is literally killing off people while they enjoy the full benefits of generous health care benefits. The injustice of this just crushes me.

If you have the means please donate to a blogger who is waiting on his social security disability claim. Mine took 3 years to get accepted and was a very difficult time in my life. Amygdala
If you can afford a computer and an internet connection you can really help someone who needs it.

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