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Disabled Workers Using Medical Marijuana

Cnn currently is running an unscientific poll on medical marijuana:

Should employers be allowed to dismiss workers for using medical marijuana?

This is not a scientific poll


Total votes: 18609

Personally, I cringe every time I see anyone using poll data to make a point.Especially when there is a small data set and/or the results are less that 10 units apart. However, the spread in this poll is quite large. People choosing to use cannabis for their severe chronic pain, nausea from cancer treatments, glaucoma or multiple sclerosis to name a few should not be penalized further because they would like to use a non toxic, more natural medicine. The disabled are ostracized enough for not working and sometimes labeled as malingerers or faking it. Lets support disable workers by respecting their privacy. If they medicate off the clock it doesn't concern anyone unless there is repeated and severe abuse.

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