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Song in my head: And when the band plays hail to the chief....Ooh, they point the cannon at you..... lord............................................CCR

Good Lord, the gods are angry...This description of Hurricane Katrina's wrath is truly horrid.....Check out this nightmarish scenario from CNN:

"These chemical plants are going to start flying apart, just as the other buildings do," he predicted. "So, we have the potential for release of benzene, hydrochloric acid, chlorine and so on."

That could result in severe air and water pollution, he said.

In New Orleans, which lies below sea level, gas and diesel tanks are all located above ground for the same reason that bodies are buried above ground. In the event of a flood, "those tanks will start to float, shear their couplings, and we'll have the release of these rather volatile compounds," van Heerden added.

Because gasoline floats on water, "we could end up with some pretty severe and large -- area-wise -- fires."

"So, we're looking at a bowl full of highly contaminated water with contaminated air flowing around and, literally, very few places for anybody to go where they'll be safe."

He went further.

"So, imagine you're the poor person who decides not to evacuate: Your house will disintegrate around you. The best you'll be able to do is hang on to a light pole, and while you're hanging on, the fire ants from all the mounds -- of which there is two per yard on average -- will clamber up that same pole. And, eventually, the fire ants will win."

I have a bad feeling about the people in Louisiana's Superdome. Being trapped in a huge structure sounds suicidal to my common sense. Couldn't we air lift these people out? (More hellish scenario's found at Eschaton.)

Jah bless everyone affected by Katrina's fury.

Here I am feeling depressed about my financial situation (I'm broke), my chronic health problems, and a bleak future, yet I remind myself of my daily blessings:

2 healthy children
a roof over my head
my comfy spinal care matress
clean water
comfy toilet seat
a garden full of wonderful food
a shower anytime I need one
a kitchen
a car, albeit a '92 Subaru Legacy

If you have any disposable income, donate to Louisiana's Red Cross